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Wednesday February 19

10:30 AM  –  11:45 AM

**Please do not enter child's name in registrant field. We will contact you to obtain the child's information.

Ages 3-5, must be accompanied by an adult

Young artists and their adult companions investigate art in a museum gallery, explore fun new art techniques in the classroom, and take home a unique creation.  Juice will be served.

Series registration is for four classes. See below:

Royal Africa| February 19

Let’s draw, paint, and decorate colorful jewelry fit for a king or queen, and head off to Africa to see a beautifully beaded royal cap and other royal gear on view in the museum

Make a Face!| March 19

Inspired by fabulously funny face jugs in the North Carolina Pottery exhibition, we’ll use air-dry clay, fun tools, and our imaginations to construct a silly clay portrait.

Wild Things | April 23
We’ll go on safari through the museum on search of elusive wild animals in the art, and play with texture rubbings and sponge painting in the classroom to craft a cute crocodile!

Modern Art Masterpieces |May 21
Let’s pull out the paints, brushes, and some unexpected painting tools and throw a painting party!  Artists and their adults will each have their own canvas, and we’ll collaborate on a mural, too!