Coined in the South: Your Generosity Matters

The Young Affiliates, in collaboration with The Mint Museum, will host their fifth art show, Coined in the South, at Mint Museum Uptown. The title, Coined in the South, refers not only to The Mint Museum’s origins as the first branch of the United States Mint, but also to the act of inventing and/or devising. The purpose of this show is simple: to bridge the gap between the museum, the gallery, and the studio and to showcase fresh and innovative works that have not yet been seen by a broader audience. Unconfined to any aesthetic, theme, or medium, this show seeks to be a platform for both established and emerging artists currently working in and/or from the Southeast. The Young Affiliates of the Mint are committed to promoting and supporting the Mint Museum through cultural, social, leadership, and fundraising activities.


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